Saturday, November 16, 2013

Photo Drop

Woo, it hasn't been a month yet! I figured since I've actually been doing things this weekend, I will write a blog post. Before that, I should put up pictures from all the other stuff I blogged about before I had the capability to post pictures. I know there are some people that read my blog that don't have Facebook (Dad) so here are some pictures!

Here is Orientation and Fireworks, One Piece in ShizuokaObon, and Climbing Mt. Fuji! Hoo!

Here are some pictures from a few things I did not blog about: small adventures if you will. About a month ago a few of my friends and I rode the train to Shimizu to see a ship called the Nippon Maru that was here for a little while. It is a ship with a huge amount of sails that has sailed around the world over...40 times? A lot of times. Anyway, the weather was less than stellar that day, but we sat out there with our umbrellas because we wanted to see them open all the sails. And what fortune, we got there as soon as they started opening the sails! Yay!

Well, we had plenty of time, because there were a lot of sails. Over an hour later, and they finally finished opening all the damn sails. But I am very glad we waited; it was really nice to see!

Also at the end of that album are pictures from Daidogei, a huge showcase/festival/variety show downtown once a year in Shizuoka. My friends would tell me to bring a ladder or a step stool, and I thought they were kidding.

They weren't kidding. It was super crowded, so I didn't get to see much of the shows. But this is okay, because there was FUNNEL CAKE there. I was a very happy baby. The threat of bad weather scared some people off, so it wasn't as crowded as last year I'm told, but I wasn't going to buy a para scope (because you totally could) to see. We had a good time!

Next up, Fuji Q!

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