Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kyushu Day 2: Perfection at the Beach

Our next full day in Kyushu, Tuesday, was considerably more relaxed. No alarms set, (although we still got up at 9), just plans to hit the beach. And I had directions to a nearby beach, so we were set. We leisurely made our way to Seaside Momochi Beach Park and set up shop in a corner of one of the giant umbrella tents set up for public use. Here's what we did for the rest of the afternoon:

1: Get hot. Go in the water (the thankfully jellyfish-less, only slightly dirty water).

2. Get cold. Go sit on the towel and tan/dry off while listening to music.

Repeat haha. We did also hunt for seashells on occasion. And of course, the entire time we admired the glorious view that the beach provided. It was a good day.

Before heading back to hole up in the hotel again, we ate an early dinner of a famous food in Fukuoka: tonkotsu ramen. Different regions of Japan have special ramen flavors. This one was good, but not my favorite.

Then we went home and loafed and watched anime, because we had a big day of transportation to prepare for the next day. Allll the trains!


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