Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We Danced and Rode Cardboard Canoes: Shenanigans

((written around August 20, 2014))

So before we go on vacation I figured I should briefly the merriment that happened before vacation. The first weekend in August was Minato Matsuri in Shimizu, a summer port festival that actually honors a mafia guy that made the port but shhhh. SO festival! Food, fireworks, dancing! Dancing?

On the Saturday night of the festival there is epic dancing in the streets for like 2 and a half hours. Like, 50,000 people epic dancing. And for me, it isn't fun unless I know what I'm doing, so the week before was super practice time (we kinda didn't sign up until a couple weeks before and lost track of time). Dancing every night was a pain in the ass, but I learned them. It was hot, but lots of fun! Not a lot of people in our group knew what they were doing (poor exchange students basically thrown into it), but there were enough knowledgeable people to follow. Did I mention our group leader was dressed as Spiderman? So I danced in the streets with Spiderman, and I think my friend and I were pretty good. A drunk man even came by and gave me a nametag that said いいね, which means nice! And I wasn't that sore, which was good for what was coming the next week...

But before we get into that, on Tuesday I actually did some work at a summer camp...riding cardboard canoes.

Cardboard canoes.

I was pretty skeptical, as were my colleagues. Us, some exchange students, and some junior high schoolers spent a couple hours taping the shit out of some cardboard and covering it in duct tape. I wasn't going to ride in it, but then I figured why not sink and we gave it a go. It held two people. I was very impressed. It even held my over six foot tall coworker (alone though). And then right after that, I hurried home to get on a bus to my next big adventure...Fuji.


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