Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Dissonant Gaijin: The Battle of the Shrimp Chips

Almost caught up on the days! Yesterday everyone was quite exhausted from running around Disney, so we decided to take it easy and have a nice, relaxed day. We started out the day by taking Mom to Asakusa to see the temple with the giant lantern and shops (on the way, Mom used an Eastern toilet for the first time! Yay!).

Mom said that it was "interesting to see how people in this culture actively participate in their faith life." Julie was still preening about her 'best fortune' from a few days before; however, she read at the temple that you are not supposed to boast about your fortune. If you do, you lessen it. Fail.

Mom also had the privilege of seeing the Golden Poo for the first time. She said it was an "interesting conversation piece" and "gave new meaning to the word piece of sh*t." Heehee.

Next, we went to Mister Donut.

You read that right; the family has gone to Mister Donut. You know, I didn't realize I wrote about Mister Donut so much on here until Mom and Julie pointed it out. I really don't go there that often, I swear. However, because this was the final time at Mister Donut, I needed to use all of my points; unfortunately, all of the Mister Donuts I have checked are out of the mugs you can get. Boo. So, I got a bunch of little dishes with my points. Julie also wanted a little Pon de Lion washcloth, so I got one of those too.

Farewell Mister Donut. I will think of you fondly everytime I drive by Dunkin. :(

Next, we decided to hit up some karaoke because why not. This time, it was day time and I had a coupon, so it was going to be cheaper; therefore, more fun! Yay! This particular karaoke place had themed floors. One was "New York Prison Hip Hop" (I don't know); we were on the Russian Ballet floor. I took pictures of all of the floor names.

This particular karaoke session was awesome because we found the show tunes section on the karaoke machine and practically sang every one. It was really fun, except Mom get flipping out, saying the key was wrong, and changing it mid-song. Entertaining. It was also hilarious because us musically inclined people kept trying to harmonize with each other. However, no one knew which harmony everyone else was going to do, so we would end up sounding quite dissonant at times. I pity the people walking by the door; although on the other hand, some doors we passed were playing some pretty loud music.

Next, we took mom to the izakaya (Japanese bar) we went to with Julie's friend Mami earlier. We ordered a lot of good food, which Mom liked, but she was afraid to eat a lot of it because she forgot to bring her allergy meds, which is understandable. A few interesting things happened at the bar. First, there was an earthquake! It was only a 3 or so, but because it was my second earthquake (there've been so many more I'm sure, but I've only felt two) I was on the alert. The whole bar quieted when it began; I told my family to stuff it so I could listen if it was actually anything to worry about. But of course it wasn't, and the raucous salarymen in the smoking section kicked up their revelry and all was well.

Second, there were some shenanigans when it came to ordering the food. First of all, ordering food at an izakaya is always an adventure because I usually just point to something delicious. However, now it's a bit of a trick because I have to make sure I order food that everyone can eat. Luckily, they had an English menu so we successfully ordered some good food. However, it seemed that they had forgotten about our order of shrimp chips. No worries, that has happened before; I simply told the waiter about it and he replied they never put them in and it would be 3 minutes. No problem.

....A lot more than 3 minutes later, no shrimp chips. So I have to bother them again and somehow explain that I have already asked about this and it sucked. Fortunately, I got my point across and the manager apologized and we got shrimp chips. Thank goodness.

...Then, when the manager was leaving, he gestured to Julie's drinks and said something, to which she responded yes to. I wasn't listening; so I had no idea what she just agreed to; either more alcohol or water, we weren't sure. So then we had to wait and hope whatever that was came soon. Goodness. Luckily, it turned out to be water. Hoo.

All in all, an adventurous but relaxing day in Tokyo. More adventures soon!


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