Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Final Countdown: Last Day in Japan

Well here we have it. Today was the last full day in Japan. Tomorrow we step into the time machine (plane) and return to the other side of the world. Here's an account of the day:

For starters, we slept in a bit, because the original plan was to spend the day in Tokyo and arrive in Osaka in the evening. Mom being mom, no longer wished to do anything in Tokyo because we were taking the shinkansen (bullet train), but since we had to check out at 2, she could not simply be in the hotel until our train ride at 7.

Me: ...

So, we had the fun experience of going to the train station and changing the train time to 3:30. No harm done, extra Japanese practice.

Because we arrived earlier (about 6), we had just enough time for a final purikura session and a nice donburi dinner. Julie and Mom had udon noodles with katsudon, which is pork, egg, and rice, and I had tedon, which is shrimp and rice, also with udon noodles. Yummm.

Then we played the great luggage game, and sorted all of the stuff into the various bags. Now, we are almost ready.

I will make one more post once we arrive in Columbus, mostly for pictures.

Here we go!


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