Friday, June 1, 2012

Scrooge McDuck and Friar Tuck? Day Two at Tokyo Disneyland

Day Two in Tokyo Disneyland, yay! The family is sore! Here we go! Julie and I donned our ears and off we went! In the front of the park, we saw the following characters: Captain Hook, Friar Tuck, Mickey, the Fairy Godmother, Daisy, Donald, Pooh, and Pluto! Quite a spread! We also saw those cute Disney themed eggs all over. AND there was another band on main street playing the Festival of Fools, for the win.

We arrived a little later, so we immediately headed for the best ride ever, Pooh's Hunny Hunt for a fast pass, which was already at the 4:30 slot. Then, we set out for Mom's favorite ride, It's a Small World. That song gets really annoying, but she definitely enjoyed  it.

Next up, we went to PhillarMagic, which played the popular Disney songs in Japanese. I always enjoy that ride, Julie thought it was cute, and Mom said she didn't even have to take off her 3D glasses. There was a poor liiiiittle baby in front of us though, the dad had to take him out because he wouldn't stop crying. Poor dear.

Next, we went on Pinocchio's Daring Journey because Disney World has probably not had this ride for a very long time...for good reason. That ride was freaky. It was this speedy journey through all the freaky parts of Pinocchio, but at least it ended happy.

Then we rode the teacups! Mom wouldn't let us spin it too much, which is probably a good thing because I didn't want to spin it a lot either, haha. I got a couple good pictures there though.

Next we rode Snow White's Adventures, which should be more aptly named the Wicked Witch's Scary...Thing. There was even a sign in front that said 'Beware the Wicked Witch! Small children may be scared by scenes on this ride.' Okay, scenes, cool. And while we were in line, almost every little kid got off the ride crying. Fluke? No, this ride was frightening. Nearly all of the scenes were scary involving the Wicked Witch, including that frightening forest scene in the beginning. There was one happy scene on the whole ride; the thing even ended with the witch looking like she was pushing a rock on the dwarfs! Ridiculous. Julie said it was "horrifying" and Mom agreed.

After that adventure, we started to head towards food and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (also ran into a 'band' of pirates...literally. They played some good music, haha) We found an (Julie quote: adorable) Mickey meat bun for lunch. Then Julie picked up some Soy Sauce and Butter popcorn (blech) while Mom and I got awesome strawberry delicious crepes. Mmmmm. Regarding food, it was a bit difficult for us to find something to eat, ironically. Julie is lactose intolerant in Asia, and Mom has allergies, so it was quite a trick. Food is also a lot more themed in Tokyo Disney; for example in the curry area, there is only curry, or in one area there is only seafood type thing. Fun.

THEN we rode Pirates. Forgot about the hill in the beginning. Woops.

Then, we headed towards Tomorrowland, yay, where to my surprise, the Star Tours ride that was open a few months ago has been closed for remodeling. Upon some research, apparently the one in Disney World has already been remodeled to a new ride for a while, and this one is catching up. Boo no ride.

Next, similar to the way you can't look away from a train wreck, we went to see Captain Eo, which was just as hilariously awful as the first time. Julie said that "it was so bad I can't even...they even showed behind the scenes to prove that 'yes, we did do this, we're not lying.'" Mom took a nap in the middle and said it was "horrible beyond words." Julie also liked the Star Wars stock footage in the beginning. She also said this movie is like "what you would do on a writer's strike," haha. Goodness.

Then it was off to Toontown for some exploring of this kiddy area. (We also saw another band on the way there) It had Mickeys and Minnie's and Donald's house (Goofy's was under construction) but it also had a few rides. Julie wanted to take a picture with Gadget's coaster (from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers) and while we were there, we saw Daisy and Scrooge McDuck! We tried to get a picture with him, but kept getting cut off by little people, so I have a picture of him.

Because we had some time before our Pooh fastpass, we went to Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, a ride were you get in the toon cab from Roger Rabbit and can spin around on a Who Framed Roger Rabbit themed adventure. It was very cute!

Next, we headed toward the Pooh ride, where we had a heart stopping moment because it was closed for some kind of adjustment. They assured us it would be open soon, though, so we set out to do some shopping around (Mom got some stuff at the Pooh store) and walked towards the Castle. In front of the Castle, we saw Wendy and Peter Pan, Prince Charming and Snow White, and Aurora and Phillip. However, because they were all definitely Westerners, we definitely did not take pictures haha.

In the Castle was an engraving store, and Mom wanted to buy a  picture frame with the date engraved on it. Of course, in this particular store, no one spoke a lot of English. Extra challenge! Ask and understand the explanation for how engraving works, how much it is, how long it takes, and what you want on it! Fun! It's all good though, because I finally found a shot glass in this country after months of searching. And now it has my name engraved on it!

At this point, Pooh was thankfully working, so we fastpassed our way up there. Such an awesome ride, Mom also thinks we need this ride in America. I completely agree.

It was time to shop! However, en route to the front of the park, we found a little well and waterfall entitled "Snow White's Grotto." This was more what I thought of being associated with Snow White than that effed up ride. It was a pretty waterfall (with Dwarfs in the shape of eggs!) and a well, which echoed the Snow White statues singing! Julie also posed (and sang) with it.

Then we went shopping! After looking through the housewares store, I realized I needed to head back to the Pooh store to get something I wanted, so I went on a hike back to the store (and picked up the Honey popcorn I had forgotten, mmm) and met Mom and Julie at the huge Emporium at the front.

(About the popcorn that comes in crazy various buckets, Mom thought they were adorable, Julie thought they were ridiculous)

Julie and Mom were both impressed by the covered shopping area in the front. Julie said that she was glad it was covered because then there wouldn't be "100 people shoving into a Coca Cola stand when its raining to be dry, and everyone wouldn't be fighting over ponchos."

Finally, we set up camp on a curb and Julie and I went to get hot dogs (which were really kielbasa) and we waited for the light parade. Mom and Julie loved it! Julie said the genie was "sick" in the good way, haha.

A few overarching thoughts from the family: Julie thought, like me, "that there would be more foreigners in Tokyo Disney." Surprise! Also, Mom said that she was glad that she "could have fun even though [she] couldn't understand the language." Both of them even felt like they were in Florida sometimes.

Overall, the family had a wonderful time in Tokyo Disney. Yay!


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