Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Food Baby's Name is Niku-chan: Tabehoudai

So I really don't have anything of import or interest to say, but I'll figure something out because I really really really don't want to do my homework. I have no pictures of this weekend, but if my friends put up any on facebook later, I'll be sure to swipe them.

EDIT: Picture!

Shelly, I put up Nara pictures at the bottom of the last post; if you don't have the link let me know :)

In Japan, they have these wonderful things called tabehoudai and nomihoudai: all you can eat and all you can drink. This weekend was one of my housemates' birthday, so we went out to karaoke on Friday (I really can't describe that one, its exactly what you would think it to be) and Saturday we went to a Korean tabehoudai barbeque. All you can eat meat of everything.

Holy goodness, I have never eaten that much meat ever. You sit at tables with a grill in the middle of them and you just keep ordering as much food as possible for a period of time (for the Korean place it was an hour and a half), cook it, and eat it all. It was soooooooo goood!! We started ordering random meats, and when we could not recognize them the lady would bring a picture and point to what it was. I ate many things, amongst them intestines and what we think was some kind of stomach. The intestines were gross, but the stomach was pretty good ;p

But really, the pork and things were my favorite. Then we got three desserts (all you can eat, come on now) and rolled home.

As for the title, Niku is the Japanese word for meat. Food babies were had by all :)


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  1. You know for all the crazy meats I tried over in china stomach or intestine were never on my menu. Gross. That's how poop is made.

    Glad you are having fun. The Oscars are tonight. I am excited because I apparently like these things. :-)