Friday, February 10, 2012

My Beautiful Apartment

So let me just say I noticed my 'fifth favorite uncle' is following my blog and it is awesome :)

There's been talk of wanting to see where I live, so I took some pictures of my apartment. So here are a couple:

This is our room. Notice how we fold our futons every morning, and there is laundry hanging up. 
This is the kitchen! As you can see, it is already well lived in. 
This is the entryway before the bedrooms and the living room/kitchen. There are closets for shoes and things.
This is the living room! The not-in-picture television provides us with much entertainment. 

Ta da!



  1. Hi Rosie, sound like things are going good. I can't believe you tried squid. I think I would have had to say no to that, but good for you for trying it. I told Matt that you tried squid and his comment was "what". He said it like he couldn't believe what I said. You have to remember, Matt won't even eat a hamburger. Anyway, thanks for the pictures you're posting. It's nice to see what's there. Take care and talk to you soon. Love, Aunt Connie

  2. Hi Rosie!!

    That is a really nice apartment! It looks like you guys are even keeping it neat and tidy!!!

    What about your absolute favorite cousin is following your blog. Really?