Sunday, February 5, 2012

Free Fabric Softener and Chai Tea? : The Search for the Watch Battery

The third or fourth day I got here, my watch started slowing down and not keeping the correct time. Considering my watch is made in Japan, we were certain I could find a proper battery for it. There were watch batteries at the grocery store, but they were all too big for my watch. I decided to use my fancy new bike to travel to Midori, the electronic store down the road. I got there, and the helpful lady and I looked at the watch batteries. Of course mine was not there.

When I went to leave, the lady who was helping me flagged me over to where she was standing at a table. Together, she helped me sort of kind of fill out a survey that I think was about the internet and electronics, but I really had no idea what was going on. She kept asking me which electronic I wanted for one question, so I asked her if it was a contest and she was confused; I assume it was some kind of hypothetical survey.

At any rate, after "filling out the survey." I was allowed to spin for a prize. It is a little box on a wheel that when you spin it, a ball comes out. The little girl in front of me spun it and did not win; she was given tissues. So I thought free tissues, sounds nice. That'd be nice, I don't know what will happen if I win...

I won. They rang a bell and people yelled in congratulations. I won fabric softener. :)

But I still needed a watch battery, so I had to go to a different electronic store called K's. It was a harrowing bike ride down the street, but I arrived there and the helpful sales man and I found my watch battery! Yay! It is now working nicely.

My friend and I also went to eat at a popular restaurant called New Delhi, which is an "Indian" restaurant. It was very expensive, but I ordered chicken and nan. We were also given a free orange drink, which was nice. When I asked for the check, because we were not sure if the Indian restaurant worked like all the Japanese ones, he came out with chai tea. We were like tea? Did he hear us wrong? Then he brought us ice cream. We still only paid for our food. It was a very very nice place.

Classes start tomorrow :)


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  1. I seriously lol'd during this post. I can picture you standing in front of some sort of plinko board while lights ala Price is Right go off and Japanese people from all around drop what they are doing to congratulate you... all the while you have that o.O expression on your face that you get. oh lol.

    Also, did you have to pay to park your bike for someone to watch it? I had to do that in Chengdu at grocery stores.