Thursday, February 2, 2012

There's Dandruff in the Air: "Snow," Things, and Mr. Donut

Everyone was up in arms because it was supposed to snow today. For a minute I thought, real snow? but then I remembered I'm in the wrong part of the country. The "snow" were little flakes of dandruff in the air. But the wind was grade A Ohio wind though, so it was still very cold. Boo.

This is a Thing, as one of our orientation teachers so aptly named it. It is designed to keep cars off the sidewalk and mess with every pedestrian and bike rider. Because they are "cleverly painted the color of darkness," they are very easy to run into on a bike. Thought I should share :)

My friend and I also went on a journey to Mister Donut across town today. It is the equivalent of Dunkin Donuts, except it does not have as many options for tea and coffee. The tea is a little expensive, but it is delicious :) The donuts are also cheap and fantastic too! I got a point card for the future, which is the equivalent of gaining Kool Aid points with purchases for cute stuff ^^

They also played 'Domo Arigatou Mr. Roboto' when we sat down to eat. Win. And because you are not supposed to walk somewhere and drink, when I purchased a drink to go, they put the cup in a cardboard holder. And then put the cardboard holder in a bag. And taped the bag shut. And then put that bag in another bag. There's a picture.

I'm trying to upload some pictures, but the internet is not cooperating.

This should show you (most) of the pictures I have taken so far. They loaded backwards, so start from the end of the album. I'll load them to facebook later with descriptions, this is just simpler for now.

This should be a link to the Engrish I have found so far :)


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