Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Can't Make This Up if I Tried: The Drunk Dial from Kanagawa

Before I get into the fun story, I forgot to show you the best part of my apartment's kitchen:

These are our 6 trash cans. They are for glass, cans, PET bottles, plastics (2 cans for plastics), and burnable products. We separate everything into these separate bins. 

Example: Lemon tea bottle gets the wrapper ripped off and put in plastic, the bottle top goes in plastic, and the bottle goes in PET bottles.

Fun right?

Now for the title. Yes, drunk dial, you read that correctly. My housemates and I were singing 90s karaoke in our living room (yes, and it was awesome) when one of them gets a phone call from a blocked number. She leaves the room to talk, and comes back saying it was the wrong number. Not a minute later, the same number calls again. We explain (in Japanese) that he has made a mistake and this is the wrong number. He says oh! My mistake but continues to stay on the line. Then I take the phone and explain it again, and he asks if I'm a man. 


My friends laugh when they hear me say I'm a woman! in Japanese. We explain again he has the wrong number, and he says my mistake but stays on the line. We ask if he's bored, but he doesn't answer. We ask if he's drunk, and he laughingly says no. (We're pretty sure he was). He says its the first time he's spoke to foreigners. We ask him where he lives, and he says Kanagawa prefecture, which is near Tokyo. Eventually, (around 10 minutes later), we get him to hang up.

He called back again but hung up as soon as it started to ring.

We got some practice with Japanese conversation?

Goodness. I also added my favorite Engrish so far to the Engrish album here.



  1. Too bad he didn't start singing with you.
    Take Care, Love Mom

  2. Wow. How could you call him back if he blocked his number? That is too funny.

    Were you singing in Japanese or English? You have a kareoke machine there?