Friday, April 20, 2012

Better Than the Mines of Moria: Exploring the Misty Mountain at Fushimi Inari

Tell me that title isn't awesome. Heckyes.

So anyway, to celebrate le Friday, my friend Jessica and I decided to go down the trainline to Fushimi Inari, which if you have seen Memoirs of a Geisha is the shrine with the thousands of huge bright orange torii gates. Very awesome. It is also on a mountain, Mount Inari, and we decided to climb to the top. Luckily it was a rainy day, so there was a nice breeze and no sun, or we would have never made it.

Fushimi Inari is really pretty, and the gates are huge. You pass under many maaaany torii as you walk up the mountain. It's really just climbing a bunch of stairs the whole way, but they were really steep stairs. It was funny, in the beginning there are two paths of torii, and we were like, let's take this one! But there were people coming down that one, so we turned around and took the other one. It didn't matter which one we took, they came out at the same place :p

(Also on the way back, we saw people taking wedding pictures there and definitely turned around)

So we killed ourselves walking up this mountain. About halfway there, there was a nice place to get some good pictures of the city below, but we decided to continue! We could do it! Pictures!

.....So many stairs....

So we FINALLY get to the top, and what are we greeted with? Fantastical view? Noooo, we are greeted with one of the many little shrines that dot the paths, and this:

You know what this says? This is the 233 meter above sea level mountain summit. GREAT

Woo. Then we made the steep, slippery journey down the hill. 

I'd do it again :)


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  1. Hi Rose, Way to climb that mountain! Hope your doing well... love Dad