Tuesday, April 24, 2012

But Wait! There's More! Sakura at the Japan Mint

So I thought the Hanami-ing was done, the sakura is falling off and the trees are turning green, and then Riyo texts me that Monday we should go to the Japan Mint for a special Hanami.


How could I say no? Apparently, the Japan Mint (which is closed all the time) is open for a special Hanami time, with special various kinds of sakura that were definitely not the same as all the other sakura pictures. And Monday was the last day for it. So it was really cool! AND I got to see (the outside of) the Japan Mint, which is where they make all the money! AND there was festival food.

Nothing but love for the festival food.

So it was a very nice day (just like today bwaha) to see sakura and eat yumminess. Although it was weird; apparently, every year they plant a new sakura plant...but the one with the sign saying 'This year's sakura' had a man with a megaphone next to it saying that wasn't it? It was weird; later down the path we saw the real this year's sakura....then why make the other sign? It probably says more, I don't know. Haha.

SO that was fun. Unlike today, which had a test of evil, and for my project I had to check books about the Allied Occupation out of the Japanese library. Fun.


Oh yeah pictures!

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