Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Pink Stuff: Yamada Ike Kouen

So if Monday's Kyoto business was any indication, I was getting a bit sick of the sakura at this point. But hey, its only here for a week; might as well go out and see it right? And it was supposed to rain Wednesday, so that could be my day of not travelling in this week of prettiness (it is definitely raining).

I wasn't going anywhere crazy; I just biked in the direction of the Nara Station to the park I passed by on the way (when I was biking to Nara, some Hanami people pulled their van up onto the sidewalk and I had to like, veer into the road, they didn't seem to care....grrr). When I biked past, I didn't see anywhere to park your bike, and when I got there yesterday....I still didn't see any place to park your bike. I saw a paid lot for cars, a teeny lot for mopedthings, no bikes. Grrr. So I knowingly parked my bike in the moped place and walked up to the park.

Lo and behold, people are biking up and down the parts they say not to bike on. Figures. But if I'd do that, I'd get in trouble, so because I wasn't staying long I just left my bike where it was. (I did find the place the bikes were supposed to go eventually). My sole purpose of going there was for pictures, so here are some.

It was a very nice, quiet, happy-looking park. There were a lot of big paths to walk on (where people were, and taking pictures too, haha). It reminded me of the park by my house (actual house, at home).

Then I went home, haha. There's a busy weekend full of more sakura, so today is a nice day of take a nap and go nowhere :)


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