Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Real Hanami: Hirakata & Osaka Castle

I'm falling behind, nooo! So we discussed Friday, Saturday my speaking partner Riyo's International Friendship Club was having a Hanami by the river near the station! It was very fun, I made friends with a few new Japanese freshman I hope I have more time to talk with (all of a sudden there's no time to do anything). There were also a few people who came up and were like HI! Be my facebook friend! ::takes a picture:: But it happens. I'd hope to be their friend too, but hey. Haha.

So there weren't that many gaijin there, which surprised me, but yay for speaking Japanese! Unfortunately, it wasn't a jyouzu kind of day (sadly haven't been having those lately) and insult to injury, they split us into little intro groups, and the other gaijin in my group was practically fluent. Greeeeeeeeeeat.

After that, we played a game where you were given a paper with things like 'is over 20' or 'has a drivers license' on it, and you had to go ask people, and if they met such requirement, they signed the little box.

...This paper was full of crazy handwritten kanji. Greeeeeat. So managed to get through that one, it was pretty entertaining. Afterwards there were many snackages and I fumbled through some Japanese conversations with more friends! Yay! I wish I could hang out with these people more than once. -.-

Then, because I didn't bring my bike, I walked back from the station on such a fine day. As I was thinking about how much I sucked at Japanese today, a little kid probably 8 stopped me on the street, and asked me what time it was. Of course, it couldn't be something easy like 7, or 5:30 or something, it had to be 5:42. I of course rounded it to 5:45, but I've always had a problem with numbers. Always. So for the life of me I couldn't think of 45. It took me forever, and I felt bad so I even showed him my watch, but I have an analog watch, so it's like I showed him an abacus or something. I eventually got it, but it didn't make me feel any better. Faaail.

PS here are pictures from the last entry, and here is a video my teacher made about the following field trip:

On Sunday, my "History & Ideology of the Japanese Warrior" class went to Osaka Castle! What better way to see a castle than with my history teacher! It was very interesting! Unfortunately, we couldn't take pictures inside the castle, but I made sure to stay close to my teacher so whenever he said something I could hear it, haha.

In the basement of the castle, you can also try on a samurai costume for 300 yen. I decided to save that particular jewel for when Mom, Julie, and I go...bwahaha

It was also a beautiful day, and there were still sakura! Yay! My awesome teacher and his wife bought us a veritable feast of various hanami foods, and we had a picnic! It was a very nice day. Also, while we were hanami-ing, there was this big group of Japanese teenagers trying to jump rope together. It was comical; some of our group joined them once too!

And here are some pictures from said Hanamis!

One more entry, but there's a test to study for...-.-


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