Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sakura and Sake at Sakuranomiya

So today was also a B-E-A-Utiful day, and also one of my longest class days. (It's not long really, it just doesn't start until noon, so it goes until 4:30). So all during the day I was thinking I swear if the weather gets crappy, I'll be mad, but it didn't, yay!

Things that were awesome in school today:

1) Mister Donut came to the Conbini on campus. (Conbini=convenience store) Because I only have a 15 minute break from 1 to 115, when there are a million Japanese students eating lunch, its impossible for me to get any food, but so help me I was getting the Mister Donut. And I did and it was beautiful.

(Disclaimer: I talk about Mister Donut a lot. I really don't go there all the time, I swear)

2) In my theatre class, a guest Japanese teacher came and taught us (in Japanese, translated, so it was good practice too!) about the shamisen. She also played a song. It was very cool!

AND it was still nice out. Off to Sakuranomiya, a train stop 2 away from Osaka that I passed last week en route to Umeda, which is solely named for the ridiculous amount of sakura trees planet along the river. (Note to self: bike ride to the station is even more dangerous when there are 250 Japanese students on the sidewalk) It was very pretty; they were all really close together and arched over the pathway and things.

Of all the days not to bring my book. (My tablet was too heavy today, but I wish I would have brought it) However, those savvy Japanese vendors had stands of deliciousness, so I got more karaage (I didn't feel the strength for takoyaki today) and I got real sake. Reeeeal sake, accidentally a big jar I am not allowed to bring home.

All riiiiiight, drinking a jar of sake in under 10 minutes with an empty stomach is not the best idea, but it was good :p It tasted like an extremely weak, flavorless shot. I am told they sell flavored sake too.

Don't worry, I wasn't anywhere near drunk or anything :)

Sakuranomiya is one of my favorite sakura areas so far; tomorrow there will be a return to Kyoto! Unfortunately, I don't get out of class until 1, so I'll probably only have time for one temple. But! I am determined to figure out the buses, so there will be adventures!



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