Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Healthy Dose of Purikura and Karaoke: The Tabaj Women Take Japan

So, if you haven't heard, my mother and sister have arrived in Japan, yay! After dragging the rest of my luggage across various transportation to meet them in Osaka, the fun began! First, Julie and I explored the Hankyu Station, looking at various shops and stopping for lunch for some donburi (rice and meat and egg) with some udon noodles.

(Side note: we also went on a quest to find Osaka's Mister Donut, mission acomplished ;p)

Later, the three of us went to HEP 5, the huge mall (with huge red whales) in Osaka. In there Mom and Julie enjoyed the Taiko Game as well as purikura. Purikura was quite fun; we did it twice. (Also interesting: after a moment of confusion in finding the decorating station, a worker dressed as Scream helped. Thanks Japan.)

We then wandered the mall, searching for some food. Mom tried ramen for the first time, she liked it!

The best part was the first trip to karaoke. 2 hours of awesomeness. The first hour alone consisted of solely Disney songs. WIN!

More adventures tomorrow!



  1. You forgot to mention that we sang three of the four john Denver songs in the cateologue. And that in between the singing of the Disney songs you and I acted out the parts.