Sunday, May 27, 2012

This Was Never Meant to Be Toasted: Osaka Funtimes

Let the fun begin! Good Lord. I say that literally because first item on the agenda was to fulfull Julie's wish to go to a mass in Japanese. It apparently being Pentecost today, sounds good! So I wrapped a banage around my tattoo and we were off!

So, we ride the subway over to Nakatsu station, where she found a Catholic Church. Unfortunately, the directions on the website were not specific enough once we exited the station, so we got a little lost. We did manage to find it though, we just missed the first reading. It was a very nice little mass though, once we found the floor in the little college building with the mass going on. They projected the songs and the phrases we could not read on screens, so I was able to follow some of the songs.

There was also a cute little picture about the Holy Spirit to understand the homily, haha. I did understand the gist by myself though, which was pretty easy being Pentecost. However, the wafer tasted....different. Julie said it tasted as if it was grilled, hence the title. (I said Grilled Cheesus, Mom said an ice cream cone because she had no problems with it)

After said successful mass, we jumped back on the train to head toward Osaka Castle, yay!

Mom: It's very striking when you first saw it, it's very huge! I am amazed people could make that!

Julie: As soon as we got off the train station, I was surprised that we couldn't see it until we got closer.

It does blend in until you turn a corner and Surprise! There it is! Particularly fun was Julie and I tried on the samurai outifts. Julie's had an obnoxious helmet. Yes there are pictures, haha.

Next, Julie and I took the epic train ride over to Fushimi Inari for some epic and awesome pictures. Julie made some videos running through the gates a la Memoirs of a Geisha, brilliant. My favorite part was seeing a brand new, painted gate. The black letters weren't even painted yet! We were getting chewed out by mosquitos though, so we didn't stay long.

(On the way home, Julie noticed the Starship Enterprise on top of a building. There's a picture; it definitely looks like it)

Dinner was some kitsune udon and some Inari Sushi in honor of the shrine, yum!

Big day in Kyoto tomorrow!


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  1. have a great time girls!!!!! Take lots of pictures!!!!!!!Can't wait to hear all about your trip, Joan. Everything here is fine..........Have a donut at Mr. Donut for me! hope you are all well and you are making great memories!!!!!!!