Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not a Ketchup Bottle: Kobe

By the way, that was my 50th blog post. Win. I also forgot to think of a witty phrase for Kobe's title, but luckily my sister handed it to me with this picture:
Which, unlike the actual tower, looks like a ketchup bottle.

Hence the above. So Kobe is just as far away as Nara except I am sure it's a different direction; either way there was a lot of trains. Even more so because the first order of business was the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world. I read online about an observation walk underneath that sounded awesome, so the bridge was first on the list. 

Unfortunately, the internet was misleading because it showed a huge path for the walkway. Not so! There was this little fenced and windowed in path that was definitely not as cool. However! Still cool, as it was a nice day and the view was wonderful. 

Next, we returned to the port of Kobe itself for some awesome pictures. The weather was even better then and there was lots to photograph. It was also easy to do so because Kobe port is only 3km long so it is very small and easy to walk around. 

There was also a Ghibli store in Kobe, which I was disappointed in because my favorite Ghibli movie is unpopular in Japan, so there is never any merchandise from it. Oh well, I'm sure it's just as well money wise.

The pictures are the best way to talk about Kobe. We also went to the Earthquake memorial, which is actual damage from the 1995 earthquake preserved as a memorial to the victims. It was a very serious place amongst all the happy port stuff. 

Next we stopped at a store called Village Vanguard, a store with craaaaaazy things. I have pictures :)

Afterwards, my friend heard about this Herb Garden nearby that was on top of one of the mountains, so we headed over to jump on the cable car. Unfortunately, the main part of the gardens was closed at the time, but the ride up to the top was still gorgeous. 

A lot of the stuff on top was closed too, but still. View. Awesome. And on the half hour the clock started chiming Disney style, which was crazy.

....Kobe sounds kind of lame without pictures. They'll be up soon! But I've got a bit of homework to do...

EDIT: Pictures!Arashiyama and Kobe!


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  1. Still sounds cool. It's good that you can hop on a train to find these places. I cany wait to be there with you. Less then 10 days. I need to buy some shorts...