Monday, May 7, 2012

Japanese People are So Nice: Wasting Time in Osaka

(Pre Night Bus Adventures: written from the bus)

Let's start this trip off right by screwing up almost everything, shall we?

First, I wanted to get some foods before heading to the city. Nothing expensive, just a meat bun from Mister Donut, no big, perfect beginning for my vacation right? Well I order said meat bun and the cashier asks me a question and I didn't catch it, so when in doubt, nod in agreement. Unfortunately, he was asking if my order was complete which it definitely was not. So I apologized and said I made a mistake, but he thought I didn't want the meat bun and I was not going to embarrass myself further. Fail 1.

So I thought Screw it and I had a nice dinner at Saizeriya, the "Italian" restaurant across the street.

Then, things went correctly as I successfully found required omiyage (souvenir) in Namba. Then, I had to find where the buses were going to leave from, and I didn't even get lost! I walked in the correct direction and everything. Confused a bit, but not lost. The cafe I chose to camp in for the hourish before I left (had iced coffee, bad idea) even played the themes from E.T., Indiana Jones, and Jurassic Park! (It was pretty awesome once I realized what I was hearing, haha. Oh Japan) How much more win do we need?


I return at the appointed time to the bus place and hang out with the milling people I see. One, who knew some English, came over and talked to me, asked Where I was going and things. He was very nice! Then a Japanese dude said something absurdly fast in Japanese and people followed him, but there was a lady with the company of the bus I was riding on her jacket nearby, so I was not concerned and did not think I should follow. (In hindsight, I remember hearing the Japanese guy say the word for 'all' and 'guest,' probably should have followed the crowd like I usually do)

At this point, the guy I was talking to came back for me, expressing concern because I am an idiot and was not in the right place.  He then walked me over to the correct registration area. Fail 2. I was quite lucky he was so nice.

So after that winning move, I get on the right bus all by myself! Yay! Then I need to figure out which seat I am in; there is a list with all of the names in Japanese on a map in the front. It's not hard once I find my name. For SOME unknown reason, I read the simple map wrong, and sat in the wrong seat, and a lady had to tell me so.

Let's hope this trip improves, shall we?

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