Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here We Go! Nagasaki Itinerary

First off, here are some Bunraku pictures for you! Yaaay!

Next off, tomorrow is my last day of school for the week! Yay! Tomorrow there are plans to go to Uji (which you will hear about ;p) and then Thursday I leave on the night bus for Nagasaki! Yay! Nagasaki's night bus will be quite a trip; 10ish hours to be precise. Woo. I don't care about the time, it's just something about the night buses. I'm not sure if I'm not used to cars anymore, or the bus itself, but whenever I'm in one I feel like we're hurling down the road at mach speed. My guess is this is probably true, yay.

Here's how far I'm going, just to give you an idea:

So that'll be fun. ANYWAY, once I get there, we have two whole days to fit everything I want to do...or most of it at least. I will arrive Friday late morningish? So here we go!

Nagasaki Peace Park
Penguin Aquarium
China Town
Mount Inasa (by cable car)

Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park that will have a rose festival, awesome Golden Week fireworks, and the One Piece pirate ship.

All for Nagasaki? Heck yes! I forgot to mention I will be flying back Sunday morning, so 10 hour adventure only has to happen once haha. There is also the possibility Riyo, her mom, and I will be going to a Hanshin Tigers (baseball) game when I come back! ::crosses fingers::

This hostel supposedly has internet too, and I'm bringing my keyboard. More on Uji before I leave; no one wants to start a trip a blog post behind!


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