Saturday, March 10, 2012


What my sister will read from this blog entry: Fishfishfishfish.


I went to Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan) today!! 8 floors of fish! Yay! It was really cool. But first I had to get friend told me at the subway I could get a special ticket that will work on all the subways and be your aquarium ticket; it didn't save a LOT but it saved enough. So I asked the ticket stand man if I could get one and he asked me 'When would I use it?' and I was like What? '....Now?' It was 5 at the time; the aquarium closed at 8. How long does it take to go through an aquarium? Haha. So I went to the station master, who AGAIN asked me if I wanted it for today, and I told him I was going there now, and he gave me this adorable little ticket :)

Then I walked the wrong way down the street for a while, until I saw the giant ferris wheel. Then I was like ....Oh. THAT WAY, and then I found it :) It was so cool! You got on a huge escalator to go to the top of the aquarium first, and you walk down as you go. That's a nice thing about Japan, in museums and things there is a specific route to follow. Very hard to get lost. And English maps. ^^

And I got to the bottom and there was a cute little gift shop. It was really fun! Pictures!! Then I walked through the mall towards the ferris wheel...

Let me explain. Japan is not one giant anime convention, BUT. There is one anime/manga called One Piece, and it is everywhere. I mean everywhere. It is very popular because its such a long series. Last semester, my friend made me start watching it. I have almost caught up. Subsequently, it is very hard to resist buying souvenirs when I see One Piece things.

SO Lo and behold, this mall had a little store of ALL ONE PIECE THINGS. I about fainted.

So I spent some money -.- But I bought some things for other people on my souvenir list in the aquarium, so it was okay :) Everything I buy, I would have zero chance of finding at home, soo....

And then I went on Tempozan Ferris Wheel, which at one point (8 years ago?) was the tallest ferris wheel in the world. Cool, right? Japan has a thing for ferris wheels, haha.

So I had a nice, tiring adventure. I wonder what's on tap for tomorrow? ;)


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  1. Look a leaf! I never saw a leaf before! Muah!