Sunday, March 18, 2012

Epic Stores: Harajuku, Shibuya, and Shinjuku

First. I wish I brought the stupid keyboard to type on.

Second. Here is exactly how to leave a comment. You don't have to sign into anything. Click the number of comments at the bottom of the entry. Then, type your message in the empty box. In the dropdown that asks to log in as whatever, select anonymous. I know you can do it readers. If I type it on a touch screen at 2 am, I'd like to know it's worth it.

Third. I also forgot that yesterday at Sensoji, we had a baked rice krispie with peanuts called okoshi. It was delicious!

Today! Less rainy, yay! It rained randomly instead of constantly. We began the day window shopping in Harajuku, which is this place where Japanese teens dress in crazy outfits on the weekend. We didn't see many, but there were a lot of people. This place was like, the place for preppy shopping. There was also a gaijin shop, that had obvious asian themed ware at expensive prices. It was amusing. We walked the stores, and amongst the expensive I managed to find the one thrifty VDO like shop. It had so many retro clothes- and yukata, which is a cotton kimono. I got me and a friend one :-)

We ate lunch in Yoyogi park, where w watched a police escorted animal testing protest go by (the broadcasting station was right there). I also saw someone breakdance while doing double dutch. Pretty awesome. On the street, we saw a parade for St. Patrick's day! It was cool, although it was odd they kept stopping the parade to let people cross the street. After visiting Meiji Shrine, we headed for Shibuya, which has HUGE buildings and shops and things.

It also has a famous crosswalk because its so huge. It is. I have pictures :-)

We also saw thw statue of Hachiko, who is a dog that followed his master to work everyday, and when he died, he waited for him at the station. Unfortunately, there were advertisements around it, but it was still nice to see. We stopped for pretty decent pizza at Sbarro, because Elizabeth works at one at home. (Decent=it had sauce, haha)

We then went to Shinjuku, which had more HUGE BUILDINGS. We went up the (free) Tokyo Metro Govt Office Observatory building 45 floors, to see a whole lot of fog. I tried to take some pictures, but indoors and fog...

It was still really nice. After a brief stop at McDs, (I swear we eat Japanese food) we went to karaoke! I have been there twice before, but it was not as fun as this. We sang many songs. Loudly, and on key. It was wonderful :-)

So, sleep. Yeah. More tomorrow!



  1. At this point in time you have 767 page views, so that is not bad there!

    Sounds like you are having a blast over there. I cant wait to be there and doing Karaoke with you!

    I understand about the tablet, but its not too hard if you put the vibrate feedback on. I hated the Acis keyboard and put it on Google instead which I found more amiable.

    Anyhoo, I am liking these updates. Keep em coming.

  2. Aunt Karen didn't have your blog address. I gave it to her. People are reading. Write this for us, which your momma TRULY appreciates, and mostly for you! So you can look back later and reflect on what an awesome trip this has been. Skinned knees, holey jeans and all! Love Ya and thank you for doing it!

  3. Okay, they really had a St. Patrick's Day parade? Really? I cracked up when I read that.

    And just so you know Meghan has end of the quarter this week. She plans on catching up when she survives the week.