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Why Eat When You Can Wait in Line? Disney Part 2

So Shelly, its not that I was too tired to write, its that I was too tired to write without a keyboard. I now am home and have a keyboard, so I can transcribe everything I have written in my notebook to the Internet!

I forgot to mention a few things last entry:

1) The Pirates ride has a restaurant in the ride in the very beginning! You can eat under the permanent night sky; it looked pretty awesome.

2) When you leave to go on a ride, the operators say "itterasshai," which is said when someone leaves the house as a sort of general well-wish. They also say "okaeri" (welcome home) when you come back. It's cute.

So this parks popcorn flavors: caramel, curry (no thank you), cranberry (good, but not my cup of tea), strawberry (delicious), black pepper, sea salt (just tasted like popcorn), and milk tea (by the time I went searching for it, I couldn't find it and the fireworks were starting).

This park If you combined Universal, Busch Gardens, and Disney in one glom of a park, that's Disney Sea. Yeah. We walk into a Venice Plaza a la Busch Gardens in the beginning, and across the river there's a huge volcano. Looking at the park map, we notice there is an Aladdin AND a Little Mermaid area.

Yeah. There's a lot to do in 11 hours.

So we start to play the fast pass game; we immediately get a fastpass for Tower of Terror, which in hindsight, was probably a bad idea. After you get one fast pass, you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can get another, and by the time we got to 'The Journey to the Center of the Earth' ride (aka volcano) it was too late to change. The line for that ride never died down the whole day either.

So we jumped in straight away. 2 and a half hours later, we get to the ride through the most confusing maze of a queue ever. It was a really cool ride, just not something worth waiting the same amount I would usually wait for Top Thrill Dragster.

When we got off the ride, we were able to get another fast pass for something that wasn't already sold out, so we got one for '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.' In the mean time, we went to the futuristic port world of Port Discovery to a ride called 'Storm Rider.' This was one where you strap into a movie chair and things happen. You fly into an eye of a huge storm; it was cool because this was a ride that had no English on the actual ride, and its fun to be challenged sometimes. We can't be accomodated everywhere, as much as Disney tries (they do a really really good job, mind you). If we were, we might as well not be in Japan.

Either way, it was easy to tell what was happening on the ride anyway. I liked being able to understand snippets of conversation on my own :p

Before heading to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, we wanted to double-check Indiana Jones: Temple of the Crystal Skull's fast passes were gone. We get there, and lo and behold, a Western guy speaking English is there, dressed as Indiana Jones. The Japanese girls were starstruck. Elizabeth and I were dumbstruck. Unfortunately, no fast passes, and when we went back to ride it later he was gone, so we didn't get to talk to him.

Still. WHY was he there. Hilarious. It was at this point we inhaled a meat pie (and I had a dessert pie too) for lunch en route to 20,000.

Speaking of,  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was very cool. (If you can't tell by the names of these rides, if you know my Dad, this park is perfect :p) The water bubbled in front of the window, so it was really easy to believe we were underwater!

Next, we headed back to Indiana Jones to see if we could squeeze it in before our Tower of Terror fast pass time. We knew a single rider line existed, but we couldn't find a queue for it. After waiting about a half hour, we noticed a sign that the fast pass line was also for single riders! So we jumped over, hoping we didn't just screw ourselves over. Luckily, we didn't, and that was easily my favorite ride. Between boarding the little bumpy car, and Harrison Ford animatrons speaking Japanese, it was pretty awesome.

Because of the single rider line, we made it with time to spare for Tower of Terror. It never occurred to me that Tower of Terror would be a different ride. I mean, we're in Japan, so why would they base the ride off of The Twilight Zone? The premise was that it was a tour of this explorer's house who's been cursed by his last artifact, which wreaks havoc on the tour. I mean, it was pretty awesome, and still the Tower of Terror, but I was surprised.

We double back to the Indiana Jones ride's neighbor, Raging Spirits, because it has a single rider line too. Unfortunately, the lady told us the ride was too busy to have single riders at the moment, and we should come back later. We didn't really have time to come back later, and with all of Aladdin and Little Mermaid land to explore with Fantasmic in a few hours, we didn't go back. It was a coaster that appeared wooden-ish that somehow had a loop in it, but I mean come on. Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. :p

So as you would guess, these worlds are definitely kid-oriented, but who cares. Aladdin land (its like the Arabian Coast or something) had Flying Dumbo-like Flying Carpets, and a 2 story carousel. We jumped in line for the Magic Lamp Theater, which was a half 3D, half live-action show starring the genie. We needed the foreigner subtitle machines again. It was really cute.

With time running short before Fantasmic began, we at least wanted to see what was in The Little Mermaid area. And take a thousand pictures. You enter Triton's Kingdom (Me: !!!) and inside there are a bunch of little rides, a show, and a restaurant. We had a choice of dinner at the restaurant of the 'Under the Sea' show. We made a beeline for the show, where we needed the foreigner machines again.

It was SO cool. Definitely better than food. Ariel was somehow attached to a trapeze through her costume, so she could flip and fly around in the air. There was a huge Ursula that came out of the wall (that part was a little weird, because Sebastian told her not to become human and Ariel was like 'Kay!  ...) and people that flew around a bit like Cirqe du Soleil. I really enjoyed it.

Next, it was time for Fantasmic! Said show was held in the middle of the giant lake in front of the volcano; so people gathered around the edges. I was confused as to how it was going to work if it was the show I was thinking it was going to be, which it was, but they definitely made it work. And I have video ^^. There was this black spirally volcano tv which showed scenes from Disney movies. They had floating balls portay movie clips as well. They had a huge magic mirror that projected the films over water for one side, too. Excellent show.

With only a few hours left, it was time to buy and get out before the crazy (this is where I sought the milk tea popcorn, lol). And then an announcer was like 'Now, its time for fireworks tuned to Disney Music!' and I was back in a flash. Even cooler. XD

It is very hard to find something to buy in the Disney Resorts that A.)Say Tokyo Disney on them or B.) aren't ridiculously gimmicky that you could get anywhere. Luckily, I bought the majority of things the day before, I just wanted to find something that said DisneySea on it. Nope, none of that. So I got a couple things that are unique to Japan Disney, and made it out of the store before everyone else.

Once I got to my train station, I wanted dinner. (10ish?) There we two Japanese fast food places that are 24 hours...and I couldn't get the freakin door open of either. The first one said touch on a certain part of it, and I guess I didn't push enough. The second I just stood there, nothing happened, and I gave up and turned to leave, and the worker came and got me haha.

Seriously treated like kid gloves, even when I know what I'm doing. But, when I can't even get the door open, what evidence do I have to provide otherwise? Dinner was good at the beautiful price of 280 yen, I'm going to have to eat there more often.

Then I packed as much as I could for the next journey: Yokohama!


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