Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Popcorn, Line Jumping, and Michael Jackson: Disney Part 1

So today we went to Tokyo Disneyland!! No font can express my joy. Unfortunately, today was a national holiday, so it was CROWDED. We realized only too late we should have gathered more fast passes because they were gone all too soon, but we know for tomorrow.

A couple general things before my day:

First of all, there was a surprising amount of English and lack of foreigners. I know its an American company, but even ride titles were written in English. Some rides like Pirates were half English, completely untranslated at the end. I also thought because Disneyworld is so international, Disneyland would be as well. Nope; still felt super foreign.

Also, popcorn of all things was almost a trend in the park. There were many different flavors throughout the park. Salt, curry, honey, chocolate, butter and soy sauce, and caramel I think were all of them. We just got caramel, haha. What made it trendy was that you could buy souvenir buckets that hang around your neck. Of popcorn. There were all kinds! 2 different Pooh ones, chip and dale, alice, aristocats, mickey, donald, stitch, monsters inc, and toy story just to name a few. Some even collapsed in layers so you didn't have to reach into the bottom when it was low. Eating in line:no big deal in Disneyland.

Also not a big deal? Line jumping. People were cutting to meet with their group all over the place; we were weirded out. I suppose since they stop parades (even the light parade) to let people cross the street, why not a line?

Awesome: the One Piece shirts i got yesterday? I wore one today, and 2 different cashiers commented on it. It was a great conversation starter, I had a nice conversation with one ahile he wrapped my souvenirs. I'm wearing the other tomorrow :-)

So we get there, after transferring trains via 3 electric walks and 4 escalators to Disneyland! We got in the first line we saw, a Monster's Inc ride that didn't look that crowded...because the line was indoors. This cues bars had SEATS. They wanted you to lean on the rails! The ride itself was cute a la Buzz Lightyear lazer game, except you shined flashlights on monsters and there were no points. Next we waited for Buzz Lightyear, and there were points, and because Elizabeth hasn't played a shooting game before, I won, haha.

It was then we noticed a curious ride: Captain Eo. Starring Michael Jackson. In Disneyland. Yeah. Apparently, when 3D was new, disney, george lucas, and Michael max this hilariously terrible short film where Michael has the power to turn monsters into backup dancers. It was in English with subtitles. We laughed a lot.

They also had star tours, but we unfortunately ran out of time :-(

Next, after grabbing a fast star-shaped meat bun for lunch, we headed for Pooh's Hunny Hunt, which is so much more AWESOME here. While waiting, we saw some parade from the queue, which had different characters from the usual like simba and pooh and prince!beast. But this ride. Wow. Inside the queue, there were huge pages from the book. The ride itself was phenomenal. Tigger sang in Japanese, pretty awesome. I loved it.

We then passed Mom's favorite ride, its a small world, which looked huge. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to ride. Darn. The train music for Disneyland when the train leaves is also that horrid song.

Next to it was an alice in wonderland themed restaurant. It looked very nice, complete with Alice themed vending machines, but we had no time to sit and eat, because we rushed to Phillar Magic, which is new for Tokyo Disneyland. I've been on this ride several times, and I was unsure whether they would translate the songs or not. We were pleased to see that they did! It was really cool to hear the classics in Japanese.

Next was Haunted Mansion, which tomy recollection,was about the same. So was Space Mountain, which we had a fast pass for, except the hill up had lightning instead of shooting lights. We then got some fast pizza set (which included CREAM PUFFS) before heading to Pirates, which was slightly different? It was interesting.

Next, we went to a stitch rideshow, because he's Elizabeth's favorite. We needed special subtitle machines for it, so we felt very foreign, haha.

Next was the light parade, which was AWESOME. I must say, I missed my normal light parade music though. We then decided our best bet was to shop for the last hour or so. I easily took over 100 pictures.

Tomorrow is Disney Resort park 2: DisneySea!



  1. No escaping Its a Small World!

  2. "On this magic nigIGHT a million stars its spectromagic casting spells of liiiigghhht. Glimmering, shimmering mad illusion... something something someTHING" ok clearly i dont know it as well as I thought because I just googled it and these are the lyrics (that we will never hear again because its retired).

    On this magic night,
    A million stars will play beside us,
    Cast a spell of light,
    Glimmering, shimmering, carouselling
    'Round the world tonight,
    A symphony in SpectroMagic.
    Pure enchantment lights our way!

    I never heard "carouselling" mad illusion is so much cooler.

  3. Its a small world after all! I absolutely cannot believe you didnt go on it. I will look for he review on it tomorrow. Please tell me they have cheese there. Like maybe cheeseburgers?

    I am looking forward tothe small world review.

  4. Hi Rose, Sounds like your having a nice break... You deserve it Enjoy yourself & be safe, Love Dad

  5. Okay I signed on to see the next entry from Disneyland and it isn't there. I hope you are having so much fun you are too exhausted to write! Although considering it is you that can't be the case! Do you ever get tired?

  6. Hi Rosie, I just read all of your blog. It sounds like you are having lots of fun! I saw the movie on TV about Hachiko-it was a very good but sad movie. You must have been gagging on that ride after that man ralphed, yuck! Anyway, have fun and keep up the blog, I'll be checking in.
    Aunt Karen