Friday, March 16, 2012

I Have Never Felt More Foreign: Day One

So my hostel has the internet, and I brouht my tablet! I didn't bring the keyboard because its defective until I can go home and get it fixed (if i leave the two connected the batteries drain) so typing will be slow, and there will be no pictures until I return. But you still get these, which are fun.

So I'M IN TOKYO!! I took my test and got on a bus to the station! I got there so fast, I had an hour before my Shinkansen left, so I had a nice lunch and waited around and relaxed.

The Shinkansen is a lot quieter when there are not 500 gaijin on it. It was very cloudy, so I am prett sure I did not see Mt. Fuji. Its still cold so you cannot climb it yet; i am thinking when the family comes we can see it then. Anyway, I thought the shinkansen wasn't fast? haha. I have  new video. I also got a sneak peek at Nagoya and Yokohama, which i will go to later this week!

So trains near my school can get crowded, but not very often. I was FLOORED getting off at Tokyo station. So many people!!! I have never felt more foreign.

Once I got to the hostel though, it is better and more quiet. The woman who runs it is soooo nice! The place is ridiculously small, like woah small, but its cheap and safe and a happy environment.

Until tomorrow!



  1. It sounds awesome!! Glad you got to the hostel safe and think it is nice. Make sure you watch your stuff though. You dont want people to take your tablet. :)

  2. Hi Rose! Glad your enjoying Sping Break... Love Dad

  3. One question. Who are you there with? Did you take this trip on your own? OMG!!

    1. I took the trip to Tokyo alone, and a friend came the next day, and we met up with another friend for a few days, and then I went to Nagoya and Yokohama alone. So....maybe? lol