Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kaiten-Zushi and Plum Blossoms!

I am determined to keep this blog up to date and organized before I leave for a week and automatically get a backlog over spring break, which is shaping up to me the most exciting, most thrilling, most expensive thing I've ever done. Before I tell you how this led me to plum blossoms, I will start with the sushi the day before.

Kaiten-zushi is a type of sushi restaurant where the sushi rolls around on little conveyor belts throughout the restaurant, and you pick up the ones you want as they roll by. You may also special order some and they come out in some special method; at this restaurant they were on a red 'special order' bowl. Each plate was a hundred yen, which is about a dollar something.

When we got there, we could NOT figure out how to open the stupid bubbles the sushi rolled around in. We couldn't lift the bubble, or take the whole bubble off the track, there was no button to push. So we asked the lady. We just had to lift the plate. -.- Later, when we were done eating, we found the helpful instructions behind the chopsticks that said how to open them. They also said dont pry open the bubble, lift the bubble, or press it. Faiiiiil :) Here are some pictures

(You can only be here so long before you start liking sushi)

So anyway, my epic spring break requires 1 Shinkansen, 1 hostel, and 2 night buses. (and I found out today, unless I want to spend 4 hours sitting in a train station, which I'm sure Mom would LOVE, another hotel)  In order to book one of the night buses, I had to travel to a farther train station. (It was funny because the travel agent said my Japanese was good and I definitely did not form a coherent sentence when I was there)

So I figured since I was already AT said train station, I should do something fun. So I headed over to Osaka Castle. I didn't have a lot of time, so I did not go IN the castle, but the plum blossoms (also known as Japanese apricots) are in season right now. In front of Osaka Castle, there is this HUGE area of plum blossoms!

Ta da!! I DID NOT HAVE MY CAMERA. -.- I did not intend to go anywhere picture worthy on my adventure to the bus station, so to take the pictures of the plum blossoms, I had naught but my cell phone. So excuse the funkyness of these pictures, I did my best lol.

What I really wish I could do was take a picture of the smell, it was so nice! It was very pretty too, although the day was cloudy. I had a nice time walking around the pretty flowers while being a stupid foreigner trying to take pictures of them with my phone.

Don't worry, when Hanami (spring flower viewing, SAKURAS!) comes, I will be ready with my camera in hand, and a trip to a temple every day. XD


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  1. I wish the computer would smell like the flowers! It looks absolutely stunning! Keep taking pictures! Love ya!